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Groundwork Pipe Inspection Cameras

Well Inspection Cameras

Groundwork Well Inspection Cameras, combine a 700TVL pan/tilt camera head, a portable compact cable reel, and a sunlight viewable LCD monitor. The camera is capable of acquiring video and picture data inside boreholes, wells, tanks and or mines to locate faulty sections with bad joints, fracture, root intrusion, structure corrosion and aging problems.


Cable Reel

  • Reinforced but still flexible glass-fiber cable.
  • The robust stainless steel structure ensures better anti-corrosion and anti-collision.
  • The roll slide enables you to smoothly feed the camera head and cable into boreholes and pipes.
  • The meter-counter continuously measures distances and prints data directly onscreen.

LCD Monitor 

  • 5.7″ sunlight presentable ultra bright LCD screen.
  • Save data to a TF card.
  • Software system to control camera rotation, dim the LED lights, record videos, and snapshots.
  • Rechargeable battery.

Camera Head 

  • Inspection Range For boreholes or vertical pipes DN 65-300.
  • 360° pan, 180°tilt functions guarantee no blind spots.
  • Built-in air and gas pressure sensor.
  • Robust stainless steel frame.

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